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Everything You Wanted to Know About Glass Joint Size & Thickness

Posted by Abrar Odoo on

Everything You Wanted to Know About Glass Joint Size & Thickness

If you’re new to the bong scene then you might find yourself baffled by the wide array of sizes that bongs come in when you're shopping for a bong. A bong’s a bong, right? What’s all this about glass joint size and glass wall thickness? It can all be a bit baffling to be sure.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Sometimes it can be hard to find information on bongs in the, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to fill this void and explain, in simple terms everything you need to know about glass joint size and bong thickness.

What Is A Joint?

It’s probably best to start from scratch, what exactly is a glass joint? Simply put it’s the part of your bong down by the water reservoir that holds the bowl. It’s usually about an inch long and sandblasted to be smooth. Joints come in two flavours; male and female. Don’t worry, this is just engineering jargon for how it connects to bowls, all you need to know is if your joint is male, you’ll need a female bowl, and vice versa!

What Do The Sizes Mean?

Now, onto size. Firstly, all the sizes are measured in metric, regardless of whether you’re in the or US. Size is the second factor after gender that you need to consider when you’re buying accessories for your bong. Glass joints are standardised in the, so once you know its size you can’t go wrong when you’re buying accessories!

There are 3 size categories.

10mm (Usually found on smaller bongs and pipes)

14.4mm (Common on many water pipes)

18.8mm (Also common on many water pipes)

So, hypothetically let’s say you’re shopping for a new bowl for your bong. Your bong has a 14.4mm female joint. This means that you should be looking to buy a 14.4mm male glass joint! It’s that simple, just make sure you know the specs of your bong and you can’t go wrong!

Bong Glass Thickness

Ok so you now know what the numbers beside the glass joint mean. But what’s that? More measurements? Of the glass walls this time!

Calm down, this is even more straightforward than the glass joint!

It simply refers to the thickness of the glass walls of your bong, simple as that. The thickness of the glass combined with the size of the bong will inform you on how fragile it is. If a bong is large and has a thin wall, say 5mm, then you know to treat it with care.

What Thickness Should You Get?

If you are getting the bong for personal use then this won't be an issue as long as you treat it with some care when using it and when storing it. If you want to use it with friends it may be a better idea to go for a thicker glass, as it will be able to stand up to the rigors of being passed about, tipped over, and occasionally (and, sadly, inevitably) dropped!

When you’re using it make sure you have somewhere to set it down where it will be able to sit stably on its base. When you’re storing it make sure you take just as much care, leaving it propped up in the corner of your room leaves it much more vulnerable than storing it in a cabinet or  on a shelf.

Now you're armed with all the knowledge you need to buy a bong and the correct accessories for your glass joint! For some fantastic premium bongs head over to our web store!

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