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The RosinBomb Rocket Is Your Panini Press For Dry Hebs

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The All-New Portable Rosin Press

'Panini Press for Dry Herbs' is a tame way to describe the mighty RosinBomb Rocket machine, although it accurately describes exactly what it does. This mighty machine gives you the opportunity to create your own solvent-free concentrated rosin. Rosin is created by combining heat and pressure to instantly extract the resinous liquid from a starting substance. The RosinBomb Rocket can be likened to dynamite that comes in small packages. This small yet mighty device weighs a mere 13 pounds and is no taller than a standard wine glass. Its slick stainless steel design will fit in with any kitchen décor and you can proudly display it on your kitchen counter along with your other kitchen appliances.

Why a RoisinBomb?

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The RosinBomb Press for Dry Herbs makes a pure and potent form of rosin with the precision and power of a jackhammer. When the process of extraction is correctly executed, the sticky, translucent, shatter-like extract that is produced will yield the most flavorful, solvent-free, and potent rosin that is far superior to anything else available on the market. No wonder people are uploading videos of how to emulate what the RosinBomb does so easily and effectively by using hair straighteners. 

How to use it?

No rocket science is required to operate the RosinBomb M50 as it is super user-friendly. All it needs is some energy which is what it gets as soon as it is plugged into an electric socket. You can adjust the temperature to achieve the type of result you desire. A higher temperature will produce more product but the quality will be lower, and the opposite is true when a lower temperature is used. Allow ten minutes for the plates to heat up to the right temperature.

In the meantime prepare your chosen substance by packing your herb between sheets of heavy-duty baking parchment. The pure, sweet rosin extracted will be captured between these parchment sheets.

Once the plates have heated up, carefully place the parchment parcel with the herbs onto the heated plates. Press the button to start the machine’s action. There will be a subtle mechanical noise when approximately 1,500 pounds of tremendous pressure is applied to the herb between the plates. This may startle you the first time you experience the awesome power of the RosinBomb Rocket Press, but it all adds to the fun.

The good part

You will have to wait for 3-4 minutes to get to the exciting part. During this time the astounding combination of heat and pressure applied to the herb will liquefy the rosin. Think of how diamonds are formed in the same manner, except it takes thousands of years of heat and pressure to form diamonds whereas the RosinBomb achieves something as precious as diamonds in just a few minutes.

Switch the machine off and remove the parchment paper with the freshly made rosin from the plates. Allow a few minutes more for the rosin to solidify and harden.

Now for the exciting part! By using a dabbing tool, remove the rosin from the parchment paper. Now you can consume your very own, freshly made, solvent-free rosin any way you like.

Drop the alternatives!

The RosinBomb Rocket Is Your Panini Press For Dry Hebs

Everything about the RosinBomb Rocket M50 is pretty darn amazing. You will be astounded at how much power this small unit can yield. It is easy to see why his awe-inspiring herb press is all the rave at the moment among those who love their herb concentrate to be solvent-free. If you enjoy pressing your concentrate a couple of grams at a time, then this splendid little machine is just the thing for you. When you own one of these babies you won’t need to use a hair iron to extract the sweet concentrated essential oils from your dry herb. When you get your hands on one of these bad boys your rocket will be ready to take off. If you want to press with the best equipment, get your RosinBomb Rocket Press right here.

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