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Top 7 Beaker Bongs | Which of These Is For You?

Posted by Abrar Odoo on

Top 7 Beaker Bongs | Which of These Is For You?

Beaker bongs and their iconic shape are a key part of the cultural landscape for everyone who partakes, the distinctive bell-bottomed flasks lend a somewhat laboratorial aesthetic when to proceedings. Not only do they look good they’re functional, too! They have the advantage of a larger water reservoir, which means more water to filter your smoke and deliver a smoother, more pleasant hit. Due to sheer volume the water tends to stay cleaner for longer so you won't have to clean it as often (this is practically a labour-saving feature!). The weight of the water in the base of the beaker bongs acts as a stabiliser, so you won't have to worry so much  about an errant elbow smashing your expensive glassware.

So now we’ve clarified why beaker bongs are so good, how do you know which one is for you? We have a gargantuan selection of beaker bongs to select from here, and to help narrow down your search we’ve compiled a list of the seven top beaker bongs we have in stock.

White Rhino - Beaker Base 2 Perc Bong

Created with advanced lampworking techniques by master glass blowers at White Rhino, this beaker bong is a work of art. Crafted from high grade, heat treated borosilicate glass it’s a sturdy piece so you don’t need to worry so much about hearing the heart breaking sound of breaking glass. In fact this bong is practically bombproof, with 7mm thick glass, and it’s a looker too; 45mm tall and built from frosted glass it’s certainly something that will appeal to the aesthetically minded.

The dome percolators in the mid section break up your hit into smaller bubbles, cooling and filtering it further and delivering a smoother hit. This piece is a true testament to White Rhino’s expertise.

The Enterprise Beaker Base Bong

Beaker Bongs

This is the bong you break out when you have a party, it comes with a special indentation in its base that’s designed to connect with a LED light module; every hit will come with a light show! The bong itself features a drum style percolator for ultra-fine filtration and ice notches for when you want an extra cool hit to go down easy. It comes in a range of colours for those of you who want to smoke in style and its 5mm thick glass gives it the sturdiness it needs to survive any party!

Glass Bong Small Stretch Bubble

This bong will be kind to your pocket and it won't dominate your living room, this tiny bong hardly costs anything and delivers a deceptively heady hit. If you’re worried that it’s diminutive size will make it prone to tipping over then rest easy, it’s solid rubber base keeps this pint-sized powerhouse in place.

Mentalist Inline

Beaker Bongs

Part of the Mentalist line from dry herb Star and designed by the renowned Ziggi Jackson the Inline is a brilliant beaker bong. It’s 14 slit inline perc contains a further 3 slits for each diffusion before entering the final leanback tube with a round open ended mouth piece. Best of all this bong will not break the bank!

Messias Illusion 12 Arm Perc Bong

Beaker Bongs

Featuring stylish blue coloured glass on the beading and perc the 5mm Illusion looks damn good. This beaker bong is more than just a pretty face, it also feature an extended chamber that houses a 12-arm tree percolator for smooth, filtered hits.

Beaker Base Elbow Zong Bong

Beaker Bong
Part of the EDIT collection this bong is distinctive to say the least, with its wild zig-zagging neck it certainly stands out at. You’re not losing too much height or stabililty so this isn’t a case of the bong being all mouth and no trousers. The absence of a percolator means you’re going to be taking unfiltered pure hits so it’s ideal for all you purists out there!

Percolator Ice Bong Spiral Perc Beaker Base

Beaker bong

This beaker bong is made from the finest 5mm thick pyrex borosilicate glass. The bong comes with a spiral percolator in the mid section that breaks up your hit and ensures a nice, cool, smooth, filtered, and tasty hit! The perc has a splash protection dome so the water doesn’t go anywhere you don’t want it to and there are not one, not two, but 3 ice notches so you can cool your smoke into a nice cool hit that will go down easy. As a nice finishing touch the blaze glass logo is tastefully etched and sandblasted onto the main tube of the bong.

So there we have it a whole array of beaker bongs for you to chose from. There should be a bong for every taste under the sun there but if you feel the need to see our wider selection or perhaps have a look at what other kinds of bong we have on show be sure to check out our full range here.

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