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7Th Floor Silver Surfer - Vaporizers & parts

The 7th Floor Vaporizer Company manufactures strong and reliable products proudly built in the United States of America. All of their vaporizers come with a three year manufacturer's warranty, making 7th Floor vape company second to none for customer satisfaction worldwide and in Canada. Their focus and credo is based around functionality, quality, and customer satisfaction.

They claim that design and  function are the unique most important aspects to keep in mind when developing a new vaporizer product. You will notice that they have kept all their vapes as user-friendly as possible, and they’ve done it real well. They also invest a lot of time and effort in the look of their products, all their vapes are incredibly beautiful and detailed. Art is totally part of their assembling process. 

Silver Surfer Vape

In the Canadian herb sceneThe Silver Surfer Vaporizer is considered a premier desktop vaporizer, it is a quality, efficient unit that won’t let you down. 7th floor have made sure that the Silver Surfer is straightforward and easy to use and it’s reliability and resilience is second to none! It guaranties vapor with  a smooth taste free from contaminates and nasty plastic tastes. It gives you precision control with the handmade glass temperature adjustment knob on the front of the unit. The ceramic and glass heating chamber uses convection heating to vaporize the active ingredients in your herb, giving you a more even, flavorful vapor. It’s important to remember with convection heaters to grind your herb as this exposes more surface area to the element thus producing more vapor more efficiently.

The ceramic heating chamber exploits the boiling points of the active ingredients inside your herb, this means that you can actually adjust your high by steadily adjusting the temperature to vaporize different cannabinoids which affect you in different ways. The temperature can also affect the density of your vapor, with thinner vapor at lower temperatures and thicker vapor at higher temperatures.

The silver surfer is compatible with dry herbs, oils, and waxes making it a must for those who like a bit a variety when they vape.

Da Buddha

The Da Buddha vaporizer is a handy compact desktop vape perfect for the herb fiend on the go. Lauded across the vaporizer scene in Canada the Da Buddha has netted 7th Floor even more accolades than the critically acclaimed Silver Surfer. It’s a seriously robust piece crafted from acrylic with a solid refined aluminium case that is sure to stand up to the rigors of day to day use.

This hardy package houses a state of the art ceramic heating chamber which is totally enclosed to ensure efficient heating and low power usage. The chamber can  is sealed away from all the other components so you don’t have to worry about excess heat from the chamber damaging other components.Which is good because it can reach temperatures in excess of 250 degrees celsius.

The easy to use temperature dial and the hands free mouthpiece allow for total ease of use. The Da Buddha has a dual use; for vaping dry herbs and oil concentrates, and for aromatherapy diffusion of essential oils. It uses convection heating like all 7th Floor vaporizes which promises a smooth and consistent vapor for you to enjoy!

The Da Buddha comes in two colours, either black or silver and sports a jaunty little buddha logo on its unit and the storage bag.

7th Floor care about their customers and to ensure you have a long and happy life with their vaporizers they have a range of replacement parts and accessories at affordable prices. From ground glass heater covers, to screens and custom wands, you’ll never be caught short again.

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