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Bubble Bags

Herb concentrate extraction is popular among the more seasoned members of the Canadian Dabbing scene and we have a whole host of equipment to provide for them in our Dabbing Kit & Accessories page.

Bubble Bag Systems are among the most popular, safe, and straightforward Herb Extraction Machines on the market in Canada. They can be used for everything from the filtration of high-protein seed milks to extraction of essential oils and active ingredients in herb. These filtration kits can safely and efficiently extract the valuable resins that herb naturally excretes. All this without chemicals or solvents! It is 100% natural and safe! All you need is ice and water!

Bubble Bag plant extractors are made from industrial quality reinforced parachute stitch and are heat stamped to ensure that the fibers can resist thermal shock. This means that they can be used over 200 times without any deterioration. This strength and efficiency of bubble bags have gained them critical acclaim from herbal extract enthusiasts the world over.

The mesh on each plant extractor is measured in microns, with their largest mesh at 220 microns and their finest at just 25. For an example of how finely engineered these meshes are imagine a human hair; the average human hair is about 50 microns across! So you can imagine the amazing level of filtration that can be achieved with a Bubble Bag kit.

How To Use Your Bubble Bags

They couldn’t be easier to use! Simply line a bucket with your bubble bags starting from the bag with the lowest micron count and ending with the bag with the highest, intuitive enough.Then you want to fill the bucket to the roughly half-way point, enough to cover the bottom of the Bubble Bags. After this you add your dry herb to the bags. Cover your dry herb with ice, enough to fill the bucket to the very top!

Stir this mix for between 15 and 20 minutes, adding ice all the while to ensure that the water stays cold, a 50/50 mix of water and ice is what you should be aiming for.

After mixing thoroughly slowly and carefully pull each bag, out one by one. Be sure that you drain them as much as possible into the bucket. Once a bag is thoroughly drained, turn it inside out and carefully collect your herbal extract, keep doing this until you’ve drained and cleaned out each bag. When you collect your extract gently press it onto a screen to squeeze excess moisture out. Once you’ve done this simply leave it to dry and you’ll have high quality herb extract. All gathered safely without using any solvents or chemicals!

How To Care For Your bags

It is important to care for your Bubble Bags. After each use rinse it thoroughly with cold water and hang it out to dry. Try to avoid using hot water as this can clog the bags with melted trichomes (small hairs that may have broken off the herb during the concentration process). If you do this, don’t worry, the trichomes can be cleaned out with some rubbing alcohol! Be sure to let the bags completely before you store them to prevent mold or rot.

Kit Sizes

Bubble Bags come in both eight, and four bag systems. What’s the difference? Well an eight bag system, like the 8 Bag Concentrate Extraction System contains bags ranging from 45 microns to 220 microns.The micron measurement refers to the mesh of the bags that filter out the concentrates of your herb. More bags means more filtration and more concentrate. The eight bag system is intended for users looking for nearly laboratory levels of concentration from their extract.

A four bag kit, like the 4 Bag Plant Extraction System contains bags ranging from 25 microns to 220 microns. The results will be fantastic but not quite the exacting standards of the eight bag kit. This kit is perfect kit for those who want a solid, durable work kit at a reasonable price for occasional use.

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