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Cali Crusher - The World's First Designer Grinder |

The world’s first designer dry herb grinder. Magnetized, stylish, and high quality the Cali Crusher has everything you need. A grinder is an essential herb accessory, not even novices should be caught without one!

Whether you’re using a vaporizer, smoking out of a bong, sparking up a pipe, or even rolling a joint, you should always be sure to grind your herb. Grinding your herb unlocks a lot of its potential; allowing for smoother more consistent smokes, and for richer, fuller vapor. The level of grind you subject your herb to depends on what you’re going to be using it for. Here’s a short guide that breaks this down

If you’re prepping your herb for a bong it works best if you blend a fine and coarse grind together. Put the coarser herb towards the bottom of the bowl and gently pack the finer stuff on top of it. The fine herb will burn more consistently while the more coarse herb down the bottom is less likely to be pulled into the downstem when you take a big rip!

When you’re enjoying a pipe you want a fine grind. You won’t have to relight a fine grind as often as you do with a more aerated grind. A fine grind will burn slower too, so you can toke longer!


This generally comes down to a point of personal preference. If you’re looking for a slower burning joint for sharing then a fine blended with tobacco or firmly packed with herb is perfect. If you’re looking for something a bit more personal, then a slightly coarser grind is good. When it comes to rolling your own, it doesn’t really make too much of a difference as long as your grind is even.

How you grind your herb is dictated by the type of heating element that your vape uses. There are three types of vaporizer element: Convection, Conduction, and Hybrid. Conduction heating elements put the herb in direct contact with the heating element. This means that the herb generally heats up faster but it can be prone to combustion if improperly used. When you’re using a conduction vape it’s good to finely grind your herb to expose more surface area, this means that more of your herb will be in contact with the element. This will release a thicker vapor.

For a convection vaporizer it’s best to grind your herb down only a little. When using a convection vape you’ll want to make sure that there's as much air flow in the chamber as possible. You’ll want to balance the amount of surface area you expose with the amount of air you allow to flow through your chamber and create more vapor.

Finally if your vaporizer uses both convection and conduction it’s a hybrid. For hybrids it is generally best that you grind as you would for a convection vape. The convection element is going to take over from the conduction once your vaporizer is fully heated up, after all!

When you’re using your dry plant grinder you should make sure that it is fully assembled. Many models come with a locking mechanism that prevents it from separating. Always be sure to put something down on the surface you’re grinding over to catch any rogue pieces of herb! Be sure when you’re using it to keep the lid firmly pressed on, this is the main point of escape for any rebellious herb! Above all make sure you regularly clean your grinder; herb naturally releases resin over time and grinding it speeds up this process. Eventually the resin build up will clog your grinder, so be sure to give it a quick once over every so often!

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