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Closeout - Bongs, Dabbing & Oil Rigs

Close Out provide a selection of handsome and incredibly high quality oil rigs for any UK dabbing fans out there.

Close out rigs use water to cool the hit from your vaporised herb concentrate, ensuring a powerful and smooth hit every time. Their rigs are made with high quality borosilicate glass that is resistant to thermal shock and is easy to keep clean. This high quality glass is also one hundred percent nonreactive so you can be sure that your hit won’t be tainted with any nasty chemical tastes! To further refine the taste and coolness of your hits Close Out have installed percolators into their bongs that further break up your hit into smaller bubbles. The bubbles mean that the overall surface area of your hit is much larger leading to much greater cooling.


The Close Out oil rigs are among the finest we stock. They come in two sizes, the 7.5 inch percolator rig, and the 8 inch fountain percolator rig. Each one comes with a intricate system of fountain percolators which will ensure that your hit will go down smooth and easy.


Dabbing is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK herb scene. Massive numbers of both beginners and veteran stoners are joining the ranks of dabbing and concentrate fans. Dabbing is generally recognised as the best option for medicinal users. This is because a single dab hit has the effect of several joints. This is because a single dab contains several joints worth of THC. This means that it saves the user’s lungs from being subjected to a load of harsh smoke and carcinogens.

Dabs work by using a superheated bowl, called a nail, to instantly vaporise your herb concentrate. The nail is often made of either titanium or quartz and it heated up to the requisite temperature with a butane torch. Once properly heated you then use a dabbing tool to pick up a bit of concentrate and drop it onto the nail. Be aware that when you take a hit that concentrate is several times more powerful than an equivalent amount of herb. There’s a huge amount of THC in it, enough to even give a seasoned herb fan pause.


Dab concentrate is produced through a process that treats dry herb with a solvent like butane. The solvent pulls the active ingredients out of the herb. After this is done you use a vacuum pump to evaporate the solvent and leave the concentrate behind. The concentrate can take several forms depending on its purity. The least pure form is BHO, or butane hash oil; the next purist category is called wax, which has a honey like consistency; finally the purest form of concentrate is shatter, a hard, brittle and glass-like concentrate with a clear amber appearance. You should always be mindful of the purity of your dab when you’re preparing for use, as the same mass of concentrate can have a much higher potency than the equivalent in herb or another, less pure, form of concentrate.


We have a few short safety tips for when you're using your dabbing rig; firstly be careful of the nail, seasoned bong users may get the urge to lift the nail as they take a hit. This isn’t advised as the nail will be red hot! When you’re dabbing make sure that your oil rig is resting on a safe and stable surface, the last thing you want to do is knock it over and risk breaking it!


We stock a massive range of dabbing oil rigs, nails (titanium, quartz, and e-nails), and dabbing tools on our UK web store, so be sure to check it out for great products and greater products.

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