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Diamond Glass - Oil Rigs & Bongs | Everyone Does It

Diamond Glass stands like the statue of liberty as a beacon of hope for all pipe lovers. For anyone seeking to capture that ultimate high, that dream in the sky, to capture that elusive star well then Diamond Glass makes it all possible. These bongs are second to none providing a highly filtered hit.

The bongs are forged by craftsmen who spend years in monk like seclusion and solitude so that they can conceive of ways to make bongs better and to make your high better. Once the craftsmen have come up with an idea they emerge from the woods, re-enter civilization, and set to work making an unforgettable Diamond Glass Bong. The bongs themselves are crafted using American Borosilicate Glass and are shaped and designed like priceless works of art.

For example, The Rolls Royce Recycler truly is an astonishing piece equipped with a showerhead percolator filter that ensures that you receive your high at the perfect consistency. Another product that surpasses itself is the Dust Buster Brush Perc Oil Rig, that astounds with the overall quality of the product, in particular, the percolator, which is designed in a fashion that acts to remove carcinogens and thus make your hit healthier, cleaner, and more wholesome. 

Additionally, Diamond Glass provide a whole range of other highly nutritious bongs so that you'll no longer need 5 portions of fruit and veg per day but this will now be revised down to four as Diamond Glass will provide one full, whole, nutritious portion straight into your lungs.

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