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Kanger Tech are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and one of the finest brands available on the UK market. They reign supreme as one of the most well known and respected e-cig companies in the world. They want to ensure that their e-cigarettes last for as long as their customers need them to, so they stock a range of compatible replacement parts such as replacement sub tanks and organic cotton coil heads that will ensure that your e-cigarette will live a long and happy life. Their box mod promises power and unparalleled functionality. Box Mods have had a coup within the electronic cigarette industry, with their massive growth nowhere near slowing down. Box Mods combine the massive power of the mechanical mod with the ease and consistency of more traditional style e-cigs which is why they’re so popular with e-cigarette veterans, casual users and beginners. They have the strength and versatility to match whatever your needs may be. They always offer consistent results and fantastic  durability.

Kangertech is one of the most famous electronic cigarette brands based in China. They provide their customers with the kind of service that makes them one of the best manufacturers of e-cigs on the planet.

E-liquid was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. He was a heavy smoker for years and his father had died of lung cancer. His experiments with e-liquid were intended reduce the amount of harm caused by nicotine. That was back in 2007, since then vaping has exploded and thousands of people have taken it up. Though the long term effects of vaping are still unknown most, if not all, doctors agree that vaping is far far healthier than smoking. Recent studies have shown that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes and should be considered a great avenue to explore for those looking to quit.

E-cigarettes work by forcing e-liquid to interact with the atomiser, the small heating coil present in every e-cig. Above the heating coil is a small steel wick, this wick extends down into the cartridge where the e-liquid is stored and it draws it upwards toward the heating coil. The coil vaporizes the e-liquid, creating the vapor you inhale. Some types of e-cigs are built with a cartomizer which is a unit that combines the function of an atomiser and a cartridge. The cartomiser is inserted through the tank and contains an integrated drip tip mouthpiece.

As the cost of tobacco and knowledge of its damaging effects increase, the popularity of e-cigs and e-liquids increases too. The less damaging option both for yourself and for those around you e-liquids are sure to become more and more popular. As tobacco products become more and more niche vaping will slowly become the defacto alternative and no doubt will take the largest segment of the market share.

As the e-cigg market has grown so too, unfortunately has the knock off market. There are hundreds of outlets that offer cheap, low quality e-cigarettes. These units aren’t dangerous (for the most part anyway) but they tend to break more easily and don’t offer as high quality a vaping experience as a more established mainstream brand.

Here at Everyone Does It we only stock the finest, officially licenced, premium quality products. We have exactingly high standards for our products and we would never sully our name by letting our customers spend their money on anything other than the very best products we can find for them. We can assure you that any purchase you make with us will be more than worth parting with your hard earned cash.

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