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Pollen Presses

Pollen Presses are amazing for individuals looking to compress plants or herbs. These durable high quality devices are designed to press fine particles of plant matter or tobacco into compressed discs. The advantages of these pollen presses is that is helps preserve your plant matter for longer, while readying the product to be used for other means.

A pollen press is used to press the trichomes of your dry herb leftover in your grinder into a solid caked mass. Some dry herb grinders will have a screen specifically designed to allow fine particles and trichomes to fall through for collection, much like using a sieve to separate fine flour from clumps when baking! A herb grinder with a screen will allow you to make the most of your herb and to produced caked material on a modest scale. Once you’ve gathered your trichome powder you can use a Pollen Press to condense it and press it into a dense caked material

Pressing your material helps preserves its potency and freshness. If you are going to preserve it over the long term. If you are going to be storing it for more than a few days then it is best to compress it first so it takes up less space, retains its freshness, and isn’t blown away.

Pollen Presses are incredibly straight forward devices that come in a range of gauges that are intended to press pollen discs of varying sizes, or example 19mm, and 26mm.

Most Pollen Presses can press a few grams of pollen at at time. Powder is placed between the two pin components of the press and press caps are screwed on. As the end caps are screwed on they crush the pins together, any pollen between the pin gets pressed into a disc.

Wait several hours, eight or more at the very least. Once this time has elapsed you can remove the caked pollen from the press. The pollen disc can be stored until you want to use it, be sure to keep it stored in a dry, airtight container.

Here are some top tips for using a Pollen Press.

If you are using trichomes from a herb grinder be careful to start by removing the bottom section of your grinder so you can isolate the pollen.

Be sure that your pollen is dry prior to pressing it, a thorough way to ensure this is to store it for two weeks or longer in a cool, dry space.

Try to evenly spread out the pollen rather than piling it all together. If you heap it the pollen inside the pile might not be exposed to air and may not dry properly. Improperly dried pollen can go mouldy if you’re not careful

The press won’t work properly unless you have the right amount of pollen. The amount required will vary from press to press. You’ll know if you have enough pollen if you attempt to screw on the cap and you feel some resistance and may not be able to screw it fully closed. Leave the powder under pressure for at the very least eight hours. Be sure to tighten the cap a little every few hours.

After the eight hours unscrew the press and carefully remove the caked pollen from within. The diameter should be roughly the same as a penny coin, the thickness will be defined by how much pressure was exerted upon it when you were pressing it.

The colour will vary but it should tend towards a darkish yellow colour.

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