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QuickDraw offer a range of straight forward, versatile, and user friendly devices that are perfect for the vape enthusiast with an active lifestyle. They are perfect for veterans and newcomers alike. Years of meticulous research and development have gone into the design of QuickDraw’s premium vaporizers. These vapes deliver an amazing vaping experience with peerless performance and cutting edge style.

The concept of versatility is the epitome of QuickDraws design philosophy, their vaporizers can be used with several different types of materials, including waxes, concentrates, and of course dry herb. The QuickDraw X1 Vaporizer is a stylish pen-type vaporizer that thanks to its range of inserts can be used with a huge variety of different materials. The 500 Class unit is a compact and eminently portable that can use waxes, oils, or herbs, perfect for the vape enthusiast who just can’t settle on a single material. Finally, The Dry Blend Atomizer will ensure that your QuickDraw won’t be out of action for long should the day to day rigours of use cause a component to fail. Should your battery fail the 510 battery will see that you won’t be lost without power.

Pen vaporizers are perfect for those who value discreteness and portability above all else. Their compact form can fit into any pocket or bag, and you won’t find them weighing you down at all. Of course their resemblance to mainstream e-cigarettes means that they won’t draw much attention should unwelcome eyes stumble across them. Overall they tend not to have the same level of vape control that a large, more boxy unit may have, but a high quality vape pen is more than capable of providing you with clean, high quality vapor.

Vaporizers typically use dry herbs as their main material. They use heating elements, either conduction or convection, to take advantage of the boiling points of the active ingredients in herb to create vapor. Conduction elements put the herb indirect contact with the herb, much like a kitchen hob. This is typically the fastest method of vaporization. However improper use can result in combustion, which will lead to acrid smoke and wasted herb. Convection vaporizes your dry herb herb by blowing hot air across it, much in the same way as a fan oven works. This leads to a thicker, more even vapor with a much lower risk of combustion than in conduction.

QuickDraw vaporizers don’t use conduction or convection, opting instead to use an atomizer type setup that allows it to utilise dry herb, concentrate, and oils.

Concentrate vapes use one of three types of herb concentrate; Oil, Wax, or Shatter. All three are produced through a process that uses a solvent, typically butane, to pull the active ingredients out of herb. After this is done the excess butane is boiled off in a vacuum oven. After this process is completed you are left with either Oil: A runny golden substance. Wax: a crumbly, sticky and waxy substance, and finally Shatter: A candy-like material that is brittle to the touch, hence the name. Shatter is the most potent of all three materials.

QuickDraw vaporizers only use oil or wax, which are still many times stronger than the equivalent mass in dry herb. This is one of the main draws of concentrate as a single drop can deliver the same amount of THC into the body as several joints!

QuickDraw vaporizers allow you to enjoy a whole range of different vape experiences without having to lug around a host of different units. For wider range of pen vaporizers, box vaporizers, and vaporizer accessories check out our UK webstore!


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