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Roor Tech Glass Bongs | German Engineering - USA Manufacturing

RooR Tech Glass

Just when you thought that RooR Tech Bongs couldn’t get any better they go and produce glass of this quality. The stunning glass bongs from RooR Tech are made in the USA from the highest quality borosilicate glass, designed to perfection by some of the world’s greatest craftsmen. Each & every work of glass art that RooR Tech provide for your smoking needs is perfected and crafted down to the last finest detail.

RooR Tech Glass - Range

Offering a magnificent range of products such as: Bongs, Oil Rigs, Bubblers, Mini Beakers, Beakers, and a whole host of other outstanding products that are sure to fit your need. For every special occasion RooR Glass will be there for you. 
RooR Tech believes in smoothing the passage of the herbs directly into your body. The products we provide are guaranteed to ensure an easy transition from one hit to the next leaving you with an unforgettable experience that will live long in your memory.
We carry a wide range of Roor Tech products such as Beaker Base Ten Arm Perc Bong, Barrel Perc Bubbler, Double Recycler Bong & many more. Order your favorite RooR Tech products now & avail our famous price match guarantee!
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