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Rotary Grinders - The Best Rotary Grinders

Rotary grinders are a mechanical alternative to the traditional hand twist grinders. They work by using a small hand crank to spin an internal mechanism. They easily and thoroughly pulverize and grind down your herb. They are thorough and accessible perfect for people with restricted movement in their hands and wrists.

Grinders are an essential herb accessory. They are as essential to your enjoyment of your herb as skins, bongs, pipes or vapes. Each way of enjoying your herb benefits hugely from carefully and thoroughly ground herb. Joints can be rolled with a smoother distribution of herb if it is ground first. Bongs can be more densely packed, and so can bongs.

Vaporizers can produce a much denser and flavorful vapor if the herb in their chamber has been ground. This is because ground herb exposes more of the herb’s surface area for the heating systems to act on!

Dried herb’s natural state is a sort of crumbly mass of individual nuggets. These individual nuggets can be smoked or vaporized but you will lose a lot of the active ingredients in the middle to combustion or result in poor, thin vapor. Attempting to break your herb down by hand tends to produce poor results, you won’t physically be able to break it down much smaller than it already is, and you’ll end up with fingers covered in resin! Using scissors or a knife is a better option but you still won’t end up with the fine results you can get with a grinder!

To Rotary Grinder or not?

Many herb grinders have see through plastic lids that allow you to keep an eye on how fine you are grinding your herb. The advantage of this is apparent when you’re packing a vaporizer. Vaporizers have two main methods of heating; conduction and convection. Conduction heats herb directly while convection gradually heats herb by blowing hot air across it, similar to how a fan over works. To get the most out of each of these techniques it is advisable to adjust your grind to suit them. For conduction it is best to finely grind your herb, conduction needs to affect as much of your herbs surface area as possible to ensure a thick and tasty vapor. However for convection, you may want a less fine grind as you need to leave gaps within your vapes chamber to allow air to flow through and around your herb.

Rotary herb grinders tend to be a bit bulkier than their non-mechanical cousins, this means they’re perfect for the herb enthusiast who enjoys a smoke in the comfort of their own home. The Metal Rotary Herb Grinder is a fantastic piece that would complete any smoke kit. The four piece aluminium EDIT collection  herb grinder ensures the most through grind possible.

What is a Rotary Grinder

Rotary grinders now in Canada are the ultimate evolution on the grinder design, pulverising herb with immaculate ease with a few effortless turns of a crank. No matter how attached you are to that plastic grinder you bought seven years ago you have to admit a rotary grinder is a fantastic piece of kit and it will up your herb game massively

Be sure to look up at the ideal grind for your smoke tool of choice, bongs will have a different grind when compared to pipes. Joints will have a vastly different requirement when compared to vaporizers. Knowing the perfect grind for your tool of choice is the difference between a good smoke and a great session!

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