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Vapium – Supreme Quality Outdoor Vapes for Any Climate

Vapium is one of the fastest growing vape manufacturer on the market. The company has a history of producing next generation portable vaporizer that comes with weather proof features. It means you can enjoy vaping outdoor even in wind or rain. Isn’t it great? Yeah it is, in fact this is a fantasy of every stoner to enjoy vaping outdoor in rain or wind. The company has successfully established themselves as a best outdoor portable vaporizer manufacturer. Vapium summit plus is merely an example of the greatness of Vapium as a perfect outdoor vape manufacturer.

 It is specifically targeted for those who want to vape and enjoy outdoor activities such as snowboarding trip. With its majestic assembly, you can easily replace any parts and don’t have to worry about any fiddly bits coming off like with other vaporizer.

Vapium is founded by renowned clean energy advocated by the name Michael Trzeciski. The company started its journey with a goal to build a vaporizer to meet and delight the need of outdoor travelers. They called it “the only vaporizer for adventure.” Vapium uses reliable technology matched with smart design to ensure best quality products. Vapium vaporizer can work in any conditions, temperature or climate. Vapium vaporizer do not require any fussy maintenance and never lets you down. It’s a must have gear when heading to the outdoors, or during down time at home.  Vapium has produced many fantastic outdoor vaporizers with a belief that technology exists to make life better and help people to pursue their passion. Vapium are proud to be one of the best outdoor vape manufacturer and featured in Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch, GQ, Maxim, Refinery29, cosmopolitan and more

Here at Everyone Does It Canada, we acknowledge this greatness of Vapium and therefore offering a wide range of vapium vaporizers and accessories, directly sourced from the manufacturers with a aim to offer 100% genuine products.

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