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6" Grav Labs Umbrella Perc Rig
6" Grav Labs Umbrella Perc Rig

6" Grav Labs Umbrella Perc Rig
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Grav Labs
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In a Nutshell
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 14mm Joint Size
  • 45mm Tubing
  • Multiple Colors

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  • Product Description

     6" Grav Labs Umbrella Perc Rig

    This dabbing rig from glass masters Grav Labs is a perfect all-rounder for novices to dabbing experts. At 6" tall it doesn't demand huge lungs to be able to hit it but can still pack a serious punch if you want it to. 

    6" Grav Labs Umbrella Perc Rig Features

    • Borosilicate Glass
    • 14mm Male Joint Size
    • 45mm Thick Glass
    • Fixed Umbrella Stem
    • Wide Base

    To make it even easy for you to take those extra large dabs, Grav Labs has fitting the rig with a fixed umbrella stem. Just add water to through the mouthpiece of the rig (about 1.5 inches works best) before starting. As the vaporized concentrates makes its way into the main chamber it's broken into multiple pathways by the diffuser. This makes the vapor much cooler and easier to inhale.

    Cleaning your rig

    To keep your rig clean we recommend using the following products

    Begin by removing the nail and placing it on one side for cleaning later. Then use the wire brush to reach inside and break down any stubborn staining that may have built up in corners. Once you've done that place a rubber stopper in the joint and mix up a solution of isopropyl alcohol and warm water. Then pour the solution through the mouthpiece into the body of the rig and then seal the mouthpiece with another stopper. Shake the rig vigorously but carefully, being sure to not shake the stopper out of place. You can then allow it to soak for a while should it be required. Then you can recycle the solution to clean your nail.

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