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Large Steamroller | Marley Natural
Large Steamroller | Marley Natural
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Large Steamroller | Marley Natural
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Marley Naturals
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    Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller

    This is the Official Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Large Steamroller. The steamroller is basically a bong without the water. You pack the steamroller up with your herbs, put your finger on the bottom of the steamroll blocking any air from getting in, you light up your ground herbs in the dish when they are lit inhale and then remove your finger. This allows for you to get a solid hit from the steamroller.

    How to use the Steamroller

    All you need to do it order to use this is have some of your favorite herbs, grind them in the grinder, now place the herbs into the dish, when they're in the dish you have to put your finger into the bottom hole to stop the air, light the herbs and inhale when you feel you have had enough remove your finger this will allow you to inhale the herbs and then some fresh air.

    Cleaning the Steamroller

    You will need a few things in order to clean the Steamroller, they are isopropyl alcohol, water and some paper towels. I would start off by mixing the isopropyl alcohol and water and leave the steamroller sitting in it for an hour or two, when the hour or two is up, rinse the Steamroller under a tap and dry off with the paper towel.

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