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O.pen VAPE Fill-It-Yourself Kit
O.pen VAPE Fill-It-Yourself Kit
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O.pen VAPE Fill-It-Yourself Kit
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    O.Pen Vape – Design

    The design of the O.Pen Vape is like an old school e-cigarette, it has a light weight feel and very discreet look to the vaporizer. It has a 510 thread that’s holding the mouthpiece and the battery together.

    O.Pen Vape – Heating and Temperatures

    The O.Pen Vape doesn’t have a power button, to turn the battery on to use the device all you have to is inhale and it will turn on the battery. The battery is 220mAh battery. It wont last for many sessions but it will get you through one or two sessions depending on how much you use it.

    How to use the O.Pen Vape!

    When you unbox the O.Pen Vape, you will notice all the tools you get with it. Put them to one side and take the vaporizer, honey pot and the lid of the tube, turn the lid upside down, screw off the cartridge and place it onto the lid, it should fit into the hole and the cartridge should sit in a standing position, now remove the mouthpiece of the cartridge. Now take the honeypot and add some of your favourite concentrates to the pot. Add a 1:1 ratio of O.Juice to the concentrate. Now use the Honey Dipper and give it a good mix. The better the mix the better vaping experience you will have. Use the refill tool to remove the mixture from the Honey Pot. When the refill tool is full, put on the refill tooltip and put it into the cartridge and fill it up, put the mouthpiece back on and attach it back to the battery, now your good to go. Inhale to turn on the battery.

    What’s Included:

    • 1 x 0.5ml of O.juice & Honey Pot (food-grade mixing bowl)
    • 1 x Honey Pot & syringe fill tool
    • 1 x Empty 0.5ml cartridge
    • 1 x O.penVaporizer battery
    • 1 x USB charger Store: Honey Pot lid
    • 1 x O.penVaporizer lanyard


      Note: Mixing/filling tools & one bottle of 5ml O.juice is enough for 10 cartridge refills. All sales final for this product. No returns accepted. 90 day warranty on battery only.

      Note: For USB chargers, the charger will be a USB cable suitable for charging within your country. The plug will be for the vaporizer manufacturers country, you may need to use a USB plug to go directly into a plug socket.

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